About Me

I am an ambitious and inquisitive person who has a passion for science, health and helping others. My differential advantage is my enthusiastic admiration of anatomy and physiology as well as linking how posture, illness and activity can affect them. If I do not understand why something is the way it is I enjoy researching and learning the answer.

My interest in massage therapy began while researching health treatments that do not depend on the use of medication to relieve pain; I learned that massage therapy has been proven effective and does so by enhancing existing body processes. While I recognize that medication does have a necessary place in healthcare, I favour treatment without synthetic methods whenever possible to avoid the potentially dangerous side effects of medications.

I graduated from Lambton College at the top of my class from the three year Massage Therapy program in April 2011. I was honoured to receive the prestigious recognitions of Dean’s Award, Lambton Chiropractic Association Award as well as the Ontario Colleges Athletic Association’s All-Academic Award.

I am excited to be part-time faculty of the massage therapy program at Lambton College as a lab technician and part-time professor. I am grateful for the opportunity to reinforce and expand my professional skills at the college while also aiding and advocating for my clients to achieve their treatment goals at my office.